Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Does all these Happen to YOU?? Work Pressure, Stress Life and Financial Pressure.

Work pressure, stress life and financial pressure as well as weak kidney and also menopause has caused her to face physical exhaustion and mental tiring for Ms Winnie Yap.
The most visible symptoms of the face big pores, eye bags, dark skin, twitch skin, dry skin, loose skin. Even with makeup can't give the satisfaction she wish for her face.
She realized that she can't let her problems keep going on that way. She work hard trying to find something that will allow her to restore her young face.
She tried many products but the effects weren't so obvious.
Finally, she was in the circumstances that accidentally met our AXXA Partner.
She was then introduced to SO Plus and bought a box to try out.
After drank SO Plus, she realized her fatigue problem was no longer a problem.
After that, she attended product seminar three times at three different location Penang, Kuching and Kuala Lumpur. She even apply SO Plus on her face as mask twice a day before drinking the balance. She sees herself changing every day and become more beautiful, brighten and look young.
After 2 months of SO Plus, her skin pores have become very smooth, looks younger and bright beautiful skin on her face. The power of Seed Nutrition from SOPlus.

The 4 Top Ingredients and the Top Benefits of Black Cumin, Cranberry, Black Raspberry, Red Grape Seeds & Oil and not to forget D-Ribose & Trans-Resveratrol in AXXA SO Plus. 

World's No.1 in Seeds Nutrition that has help so many lives in Health. 

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