Tiny, little seeds of pure goodness from Mother Nature, packed full of nutrients & enzymes to sustain a plant’s life through its initial growth cycle before the plant is able to produce food and nutrients on its own through photosynthesis. As we can see, seeds are the source of life.

Now that we are having a fresh start and truly seeking for the origin of nutrition, we are doing the right thing by going “Back to the Source”.
It is a truly exciting time for us to be able to share with you our new, enhanced products.

Axxa Global is going Global even we just started 23rd March 2016 but official Grand Launch 23rd July 2016.. we already in so many countries plus we are growing really fast... Don't miss the Opportunity as we have the proven record in Management a Real Business plus Building a Successful MLM network.
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Chief Executive Officer
Danny K. Pang is the CEO of AXXA Global. With more than 26 years of experience in this industry, he is widely known for his proven sales-driven leadership and team-building abilities.
His lifelong passion is to build entrepreneurial ventures from the ground up with the right products and company. His drive for jump-starting businesses inspires the team, along with his unparalleled industry experience and leadership. Danny’s network marketing career started in the United States of America twenty four years ago where it developed into a global network spanning across 22 countries with more than 100,000 distributors.

Frankie Lee is the Chairman of AXXA Global. A seasoned and well-respected entrepreneur with more than 28 years of experience in Asia. He started his multi-national business in 1988. Today he has numbers of regional office spanning across Asia region. He has a strong understanding on the financial and logistic aspects of operating a business.
Frankie is a man who possesses exceptional commercial astuteness with very strong business instinct and acumen. His leadership will be the driving force for the company going forward.

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