AXXA SO Plus is a Botanical Beverage Mix produced from Non-GMO high nutrient dense ingredients by using patented NatureFRESH Cold Press™ technology. Each serving is rich in Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 and 6) and powerful Antioxidants derived from Black Cumin and assorted Fruit Seed Oils and Flours. It offers nutritional support to promote vitality and healthy lifestyle.

Brunswick Laboratories Test – ORAC 6.0
Brunswick Laboratories Inc., formerly founded in 1997, is an independent bioanalytical testing and research laboratory focusing on phytochemical testing, human cells based bioassays, and clinical studies concerning functional foods, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.   Since its establishment, through independent research and development they have a number of independent intellectual patents and industry-leading core technologies. They are a pioneer in the research and services related to antioxidants, phytochemicals  and oxidative stress reduction.
The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) was developed to provide a method for quantifying the antioxidant capacity found in food sources. It currently serves as a valuable tool for ongoing research to define the role of antioxidants in various industries such as the food, nutrition, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical arenas.
ORAC 6.0 provides a measure of the total antioxidant power of a food or nutrition product against the six predominant reactive oxygen species found in the body: Peroxyl Radicals, Hydroxyl Radicals, Peroxynitrite, Super Oxide Anion, Singlet Oxygen and Hypochlorite. ORAC 6.0 substantially improves broad-spectrum antioxidant analysis. It is a comprehensive suite of assays based on a unified ORAC method that enables antioxidant testing against these six primary reactive oxygen species.
AXXA SO Plus has been tested by Brunswick Labs with an ORAC 6.0 score of 19,920 μmol TE per serving (30ml). This is an exceptional result for a product.

Synergistic Super Potent Antioxidant Cold Pressed Botanic Oil Blend
AXXA product is formulated using the science behind the Synergistic Super Potent Antioxidant Cold Pressed Botanic Oil Blends (U.S. Patent No. 7,897,194 B2). Cold pressed oils are extructed at temperatures below 100°F (37.8°C) and in an oxygen deprived environment, excellent quality of oils will yield compared to traditional high-temperature extraction method. With a combination of two or more Botanical Oils which is produced using this process, the ORAC values and Vitamin E content are notably higher compared with when only any single plant oil is used.*
Source: Synergistic Super Potent Antioxidant Cold Pressed Botanic Oil Blends (U.S. Patent No. 7,897,194 B2)

Patented NatureFRESH Cold Press™ Process
All the AXXA Products are processed at premium grade with patented NatureFRESH Cold Press™ manufacturing technology leaving no harsh chemical waste and longer shelf life without chemical preservatives. The lack of harmful chemical, no heat and moderately-high pressure in processing product proves beneficial to kill harmful bacteria, to prevent oxidation and preserve maximum nutrition and taste. The flavor, aroma and nutrition value were retained optimally.*


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