“We spend our whole life trading health to make money, later only to trade our money to regain our health”
We spend so much time trying to get ahead, we sometime forget about our #1 asset, our health. Our health is our single most important asset, it cant be replaced, and no amount of money can buy it back. A billionaire with Cancer is still a Billionaire with Cancer. They may have a nice room the the hospital, but the result is still the same. The reality is that more than 60% of all disease could have been prevented through better nutrition and less stress on the body.
We are what we eat, period. So if you want financial success and the ability to have choice in your life to do what you want, when you want with who you want, Then you must also have  healthy habits.
Health is about balance, here is my top 10 Golden Rules to safe guard your health, look younger and live longer while also enjoying life at the same time.
1. Golden rule is Everything in Moderation
2. Try to eat well 6 days a a week and then indulge once a week
3. Reduce toxins in your environment
-Air Quality is very important
-Daily use products, make sure their ingredients are safe, you will be
shocked how many everyday products are toxic to your body.
-Food’s, eat organic where ever possible
4. Movement, make sure you walk, jog, run or move your body for at least
30 mins 3 times a week. You don’t have to join a gym, but you must
move your body daily.
5. Supplement your Diet with high quality whole food supplements, don’t
be stingy on your supplements, what you think you save now you will
pay triple later in life in health care expenses
6. Reduce meat in you diet, vegetarian is the best option, but if you can’t
be that dedicated to your health, then just reduce your intake of meat to
2 times a week
7. Take time every week for yourself and also time with your friends/family.
8. Healthy mind, health Body, don’t forget to feed your mind, wholesome
organic positive thoughts.
9. White sugar and white flour are pure evil for your health, minimize them in your diet where ever possible.
10. Make your healthy habits part of your lifestyle, not a fad or a crash diet. Healthy living is not achieved over night and their is no silver bullet. If you take care of your body now, you will see the fruits of your efforts in the future.

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